Aug 9, 2007

Summer Fun

Well I haven't posted all summer so let me catch y'all up. The boys and I have been super busy this summer. We have play dates every Monday with our girlfriends. Then later in the week on most weeks we play with some other friends. We went to the Library on Fab Fridays and learned how to make things with string and went to a Harry Potter party were we made fun hats and things. We have been swimming and going to Fun Forest. We play at the park and play outside in the yard. Carter and Dawson have both learned how to ride their bikes with out training wheels this summer and Carter is learning to swim with out floaties. I have really enjoyed my time with them this summer but I am also ready for school to start again so the older boys can get back on a better routine and back talk someone else for a change. Can I get an AMEN!! The boys have gotten to do some new things this summer. They all got to go to Gran-Gran's house individually and do fun things with just her. Blake got to go to the lake while he was there and go exploring the 3 acres for birds nests and other cool things in nature and he a Gran-Gran caught a Gopher! He thoroughly enjoyed his alone time. Dawson helped her dig up some bricks and helped work in the yard. He loves to be outside but he misses his brothers so he didn't stay as long. Carter tested out Gran's pitching arm on the freshly mowed baseball field she prepared in the yard just for him. I think that is pretty much all he wanted to do, so that is what they did. Baseball, Baseball, and more Baseball!! Also they all got to go to Mamaw's house with Papa John and go fishing!! They all caught a bunch of fish and some pretty big ones. They helped Papa clean the fish and then they fried them and ate them! They have also gone to Grammy and Grampy's house and swam and helped mow the yard and help with yard sales and all sorts of other fun things. They have had a wonderful summer. The only thing we have left to do hopefully before school starts is we are going to try to take them to Splash Kingdom, the new water park in Canton.