May 28, 2006

Crazy Clippers

Well, we decided we would give the boys haircuts today at home for the first time. I was just going to buzz Blake since he wears his hair short anyways. I didn't really realize how short it was going to be, but after a few hours I am used to it now and I really like it. Ofcourse, when Carter saw Blake's hair he wanted his cut just like it which surprised me a little bit because he likes to comb his hair like Superman. I refused to do Carter's so Bubba did his. Then Dawson climbed up on the bathroom counter when Carter was done and said now it is my turn. So they all got buzzed. They look cute and it is a good Summer look.

May 21, 2006

The love of Baseball

Dawson is 3 years old and he LOVES baseball. I wish he could have played this year. Blake and Carter like to play but I think both of them would be ok if they didn't have anymore games!
Dawson on the other hand would be heart broken if they didn't have anymore games. It is his absolute favorite thing in the world. He loves to go to the baseball field and watch the games. Everyday when we get home from school he runs to his room and puts on his baseball pants and baseball shoes. We don't have any extra baseball jersey's but he has several football jerseys and he wears them. He doesn't know the difference!!
He practices at home everyday until bedtime unless we are at the baseball field watching a game. He can hit and throw almost as good as his brothers! He will hit the ball however many times you throw it to him and he will chase his own balls. He doesn't care as long as he gets to play. When I am tired of pitching to him he will just go and hit of the Tee. He never gets tired of hitting or chasing all of his balls. He is for sure the athelete of the bunch. Dawson has a friend named Kyle that he plays with at every game.

They are the same age and they just love eachother!!
I can't wait until next year when Dawson can play!! As for the other two I don't know what they will decide to do.
I am sure once they see Dawson outdoing them they will step up their game. As for now, Carter's favorite position is sitting on the bench and just being BATTER!!
He really does like it, last game he sat out the first few innings and when his coach told him the news, Carter said "YES, I get to sit on the bench and be Batter!!" I have never seen a kid be so happy to sit the bench!!!

Carter's Graduation

Carter graduated from Pre-School on Friday.
He has had a great year! His teacher is Ms. Keri, she has been great for Carter, she has 3 boys of her own so she knows just how boys are. That is a blessing for us because Carter is ALL BOY! He is the sweetest and most polite boy you will meet but he still does boy things constantly. We are so glad Ms. Keri was a part of Carter's life and she has done a great job getting him ready for Kindergarten!!! The question is, Are they ready for him?? We shall see!! He did great in the ceremony.
They sang about 5-6 songs and he sang all of them..that may not seem like much to some of you but the child doesn't really like to sing so this was MAJOR at our house!!! They have 3 Pre-K classes at his school so after the kids sang each teacher said something about each child. It was nice. Then afterwards we had cookies and lemonade. Then off we went to Baseball. After the baseball game all the kids went home with I can relax for a minute.

May 11, 2006

Don't be THAT Parent!!!

Tonight the boys had baseball ofcourse. Blake and Carter played at the same time but in different places this time. Bubba went with Carter and Dawson and I went to Blake's game. Blake played in left field the whole game except one inning in the middle of the game. The last inning he and another little boy were out in the outfield throwing thier hats in the air and not paying attention. There were NO balls hit to the outfield the entire game so they were getting a little bored after 1 hour and 45 min. Anyways ofcourse one of the dads that helps the coach said something to them about paying attention and that was fine until after the game...Another dad was talking to them after the game and BUbba and I think that he must have played baseball somewhere college level or so but anyways..He is telling them that he is proud of them and that they have potential to be a good team and all the normal AFTER THE GAME TALK..And then out of his mouth comes... Some of you guys had a great game but some of you need to pay more attention or we aren't going to be able to win. I was thinking to myself if he is talking about my son that was playing in the outfield where no ball was hit all night or any night for that matter HE MUST BE OUT OF HIS MIND!!!! I don't need my 7 year old to have a COMPLEX..They already have him scared to swing the bat because they say don't swing unless it is a STRIKE...well DID you tell them what a STRIKE was??? My whole theory on that subject for a 7 year old is go down swinging, if you think it even looks close will never hit it just standing there...RIGHT??? Can I get an AMEN??? Now here is the really funny part, the dad that was saying that, was obviously not talking to his own son right? Because they would never be caught not paying attention, but little does he know, I have a picture of his son picking grass in the outfield of the last game. So would I be right in saying that it would have been his fault if we would have lost the last game???? That is what I am going to tell him next time he makes a comment like that.. I guess I will print the picture and have it with me at all times just waiting for the right time to use it!!! He just doesn't know who he is MESSING with!!

I am just waiting for the vast array of comments for this one since I know that sports and children get our family all riled up and this covers both!!!!

May 10, 2006

The Rowdy Boy

This is Blake's 3rd game. His team is the Rowdy Boys, which fits them perfectly! They lost thier first game and have won the past 2 games. His team has improved by leaps and bounds. I was really wondering how the season was going to go after the first game but since then they have really done a great job. Blake plays in the outfield, not always the same position. He is just now getting the hang of things, but this is his first time. He has got the skills part down pretty good, he is just now really understanding the game. He really likes to play and he has had a really good time so far. I think his favorite part is when the game is over and he gets a SNACK. Hey, what can I say the boy is always hungry and every event is better with food, right?

Carter Baseball

This is Carter at his 2nd baseball game. We finally got a new memory chip for our camera. He looks just like a little baseball player. They did great in thier game. You can really see improvement with every game. He plays t-ball so most times both teams bat until thye score 7 runs and then they switch. He got to hit 4 or 5 times and got on base everytime and scored a run!! This was very exciting because it was his first time to cross home plate because the other times he got up to bat he knocked in the 7th run and then they had to go back out on the field. He is on the Red Raiders. He is just loving baseball. I really think he likes his uniform more than anything because he can dress-up like a baseball player!!! He loves to dress-up! I just thought I would share some pictures with you of Carter's baseball experience!!

May 8, 2006

Spotlessly Clean

This weekend Caci,Ben, Bubba and I went out to the Movies and out to eat all alone!! This is very rare especially for Caci and Ben so you can imagine wanting to take every minute we can to enjoy this prized commodity. We went to see Mission Impossible 3, which is great by the way. Then we went to eat at The Texas Roadhouse, Ben's favorite choice. I like it to, but I really just wanted cheese fries for some reason, and NO I am not pregnant. We all know that The Outback has the best cheese fries in the Know World, so my fries weren't as good as they could have been but all in all the meal was great! I think we would have liked the food anywhere since we actually got to eat and have adult conversation without having to stop every few minutes to spank a child or take them to the bathroom. We did this on Saturday and then on Sunday we invited them to church with us because we have found a church that we really like and we just wanted them to come with us and check it out. So they did and they brought some brisket for lunch and Caci and I cooked baked beans. It was a great energy meal to get us ready for Spring, Winter, Summer, and Fall cleaning. Yes it has been THAT LONG since I have cleaned. SO needless to say this was a great undertaking but we got it done. Thanks to Caci ofcourse!!!! We got all the big major rooms done while she was here and I have finished the rest except my room but I am getting there. Don't Worry Caci, It is still CLEAN!!! It was so nice today to come home to a clean house. I could actually just sit down and work on my blog.. I just thought I would share this story with everyone because I would just be lost without my BEST FRIEND CACI...and my house would still be DIRTY!!!! I love you Caci!!!

May 4, 2006

Twisting of ARMS and LEGS

Well, I have been getting all kinds of FLACK for having a busy life, I guess. I haven't posted anything for about a week or more and I get calls and posts about me HIDING!!!
Believe me at times I would have rather been hiding but no such LUCK... It is called BOYS and Baseball. They have both only had one game and that was on Monday night and I am already ready for this season to be over. I guess I just wasn't ready for something to rule my if I have time for something else anyways. Anyways I guess I should get everyone caught up since it seems that I have some people concerned. Lets start with this past weekend. Well, I have told you about my laundry problem and how it is much WORSE than any of yours. On Sunday after church Bubba decides it would be a NOVEL idea that we get all of the clothes out of the whole house that are dirty(which is 95% of everything we own) and bring them to to living room and sort them and then wash them. Well come to find out we had a lot more than we even thought possible. So being the semi-smart person that I am I decide there is "NO WAY IN H$##" That I am going to do all that LAUNDRY because by the time I am finished it will all be dirty again, hince the vicious cycle. So I load it up and take it to the Laundry Mat.
I think I did about 30 loads of laundry and I got it all done in one day!!! So that was an accomplishment. But it was Bitter Sweet because on my last trip to go dry the final loads I got a speeding ticket on the way there.
THAT WAS A LOW BLOW!! Now comes Monday, I get up to go to work like always, but guess what is different about this morning, I have clothes to wear!!!! Go to work, then come home and realize, OH CRAP, Blake and Carter both have games tonight and Carter needs a helmet and Blake needs socks, belt, and white pants. So off we go to the store..Walmart had the socks and the helmet but not the pants or belt so now we have to make the trip to Tyler. On a normal day the 15 to 20 minute drive is No Problem but today time is of the essence and I hate to be rushed. So we get home with all of our LOOT and get changed for baseball speedy fast and jump right back in the car and go to baseball for 2 hours. We get back home and take baths and go to bed and ofcourse they are hungry again but TO BAD tonight! I already fed them supper and they both had a snack after thier games and that was just the best I could do for them. Tuesday, Blake stayed home for school for the first time this year I think because his ears hurt and his right ear was draining. But he felt ok that afternoon and he had a musical performance at his school at 7:00 and didn't want to miss it so we packed up and went. He did great and I am glad he went. Wednesday, Blake goes back to school but his ears still hurt, so after school we went to the doctor, and he has Swimmers Ear is both ears. We went straight from the doctors office to the park for our play date that we have every Wednesday with some friends. We left there at 5:00 to come home and eat supper SUPER FAST because YOU GUESSED IT, Baseball Practice....Tonight is Thursday and Blake has a game at 8:00, which I am really hoping gets rained out.. Then tomorrow Grammy(Kathy) is coming to take them away for the weekend...Can You Say HALLELUJAH!!!!

I hope this satisfies my POSSE!!!!