Aug 26, 2008

School Is In Full Swing!

Ok, well there is a lot to tell so I will start with Monday.

Monday came way too early but all the boys were up and excited to go(even Carter,which has Not been excited up until then)so all was well, until we got in the car and tried to actually get them to school. The traffic was horrendous, not to mention the fact that there is not even half as much parking as needed at the actual school. But we finally got them there and settled and they had a great day!

Dawson came home telling all the News! He is very expressive and funny! He told me that there was 200 or 20 hundred people in the cafeteria and he felt like PUKING! =) He was telling me about the kids that got in trouble and had to change their color to yellow, "which is not a good place to be" he said. Blake switches classes 4 times this year and he is very excited about that! He loves school, so every day is a good day but he makes sure that when we walk in the school to take Dawson to his class that he stays way in front of us so no one says him with his Mom and Dad...I think it is a 4th grade BOY ThING! Carter had a good day as well and was telling us all about the fake money they can earn and spend at the store in their class of donated items!(very cool idea) All in all Day 1 was a success!

The boys all had Great First weeks at school! Even Carter's attitude was converted from not wanting to go to school, and weighing whether or not he could live with me going to jail if he didn't go, To loving every minute of it and wishing this was not a 3 day weekend because he didn't want to miss a day! He goes from one extreme to another, there is no middle ground with him! He has that all or nothing attitude!

My classes are going to be Great! Ofcourse we haven't really done anything yet. I have taken maybe 1 page of notes in each class but it will come soon enough so I am not complaining! I am looking forward to the semester! For those of you who don't know my Major, it is Graphic Design/Photography..But the Degree will be in Graphic Design and I will just get a certificate in Photography...

Aug 25, 2008

A few fun Photos of Carter and Dawson

This is just a picture Blog. No real significance, just playing. Blake wasn't cooperating so he didn't get pictured this time. I will post the first day of school later or tomorrow

Aug 8, 2008

Summer Update

Well I haven't posted anything in quite a while and I have been getting some pressure from some people to post something, so I figured I better not let them down!
We started our summer off playin
g baseball and Carter made All-stars! They won 1 game and lost 1 game! He had a good time and it was very exciting for him. He is a very good player.
After baseball was over the boys filled their summer with lots of swimming, going to Fab Fridays at the library, where they saw jugglers and exotic animals, and spending time at VBS. They loved VBS so much, that Dawson said he wanted to go all the days. Unfortunately for him they only last 5 days. I actually think he thought that was school, since he will be starting kindergarten this fall I guess he thought it was time for school to start already. I am glad he is so excited about going but it is taking me a little more time to get used to the idea of my baby boy going to school. He is definitely ready for sure but I guess it is just that milestone for me and knowing I don't have a baby anymore. We have spent a lot of time playing with friends and usually there is water involved in some way, whether it be at a spray ground or a swimming pool, it seems that we are drawn to water! That is great for me because I really enjoy swimming and watching them swim. Dawson learned how to swim with NO floaties this summer and now he is probably the strongest swimmer out of all three boys. He is a regular fish! They have also enjoyed visiting grandparents and doing some fun and exciting new things with them. Gran- Gran came and spent the night at our house with them and went swimming with them in our pool. They really thought that was cool and then they had a sleep over in the living room with Gran-Gran, and Bubba and I went to see a late movie, so we didn't interrupt their time together. =) They spent several weekends with Grammy and Grampy in Carthage where they always get to do fun things and eat ice cream every night! They just got back from Papa John and Gigi's house, where they got to swim in the lake and hold alligators and feed other animals, then they went to a movie and shopping for school clothes and shoes!
They also went to a second VBS that was a different theme than the first and it was a night! They really loved it too. I think the second one was their favorite one because it was smaller and they probably got more attention and they fed them supper every night! We are now winding down at the end of the summer, trying to get everything ready to start school. We are almost there! We have one more trip planned to go swimming at our favorite pool with some friends and then Bubba is taking off the week right before school starts so maybe we will have a surprise trip for them or something...who knows what is up Daddy's sleeve?
A few weeks ago we got to go out to eat with the Newton's, who we miss very much.
The kids have all grown up together and we miss them but it is always nice to see them and catch up when we can..We are going to try to travel to CO this Christmas and see them at their house! Jacob is planning some snow boarding for us!
We also had our
summer trip to Deadwood to visit MawMaw and Papa. This time we also took 5 generation pictures with Grandma Bott.
Jonathan and Makayla came, so anytime I get to see my niece and my brother I am happy!
I think that should catch everyone us on the Smith's. Blake will start 4th grade, Carter 2nd grade, and Dawson Kindergarten!