Oct 24, 2006

What can the boy do?

Has anyone asked themselves what powers does the boy have? What boy you might ask? Nikki(Frikki)'s son. On the previews for next week the father comes back and he is going through the wall. So if both parents have some sort of special powers then the boy must too, right? He keeps saying that his dad didn't do anything. Well I agree with him, I think that Frikki killed all those people that he went to jail for killing and I also think that he is escaping from prison to try to save them from something. Or I guess he could just be using his powers just because he has them. Since the Cheerleaders father has that black man that can erase everyone's memory and block powers from other special people it still makes me think that all of this is some sort of government experiment that he is incharge of or something. The mention of Sylar hasn't come up lately but I am just assuming that he is the one chasing the cheerleader in the pictures that Isaac painted.

I still think that the congressman is shady and I haven't quite figured him out yet but he did look really shocked when Nikki said that they were blackmailing him just like they did her. Who knows maybe he is just really a jerk.

I am really wondering how Hiro's character is going to evolve in the next episode as far as what he will do with the information he gets from Peter when Peter called him.

I am just chomping at the bits until next week. I really hope they reveal a little more of the story to help put some things together.

Oct 18, 2006

Breakdown and back UP again

Well I recently read that Melissa had her Great Meltdown of 2006 but she didn't let us know the details. Well I recently had my second breakdown of the year. I am only sharing this so Mel knows that we all have them and it is normal, I think! Well my first one was several months ago in August after having a family dinner for my birthday with my dad's side of the family. Nothing happened out of the ordinary but I just lost it on the way home. Who knows why? My parents have been divorced for about 7 1/2 years now but about once a year I have a major breakdown over this. I was feeling like my life wasn't fair and that I was being mistreated. I got really mad about some things but I am over it now. It usually takes me a few days and then it passes until the next year.

Now for my second one, this is on a totally different subject but just a painful. I also have one of these about 1-2 times a year. I was feeling down and out because I feel very overweight and I feel like it is hopeless for me to even try to lose any because I have so much to lose. I am like all the rest of our family and I have the need for instant results. Most of the time I am ok with how I look. I don't think about it much really. I guess I just save it up for one big breakdown. I was feeling like why did I get picked to be the fat one in the family and really distructive things like that but I am over that now too. I would like to lose weight but I know that won't make me a better person. I guess it just all caught up with me. I have been stressed lately with work and school and the boys and house work that seems to never stay caught up. I sometimes feel like there is not enough time in the day to get it all done. Well there it is in a nutshell.

Just my yearly Breakdowns. I had them and now it is time to get on with my LIFE!!!!