Aug 31, 2010

First Week Of School

Well, the first week of school has come and gone. The boys have all adjusted well and like their teachers and classes. Blake started 6th grade and is loving it. He is playing in the band this year and his instrument is the saxophone. He is very lucky to have a Papa John who is always ready to help with things they want to do because saxophones are EXPENSIVE. Carter is in 4th grade and has a great set of teachers. The discipline tool they have come up with suits him wonderfully. While he is not one to get in much trouble, he is one who needs encouragement. So instead of only moving colors when they do something wrong, they also move colors when they do something good. I think that is great! He is upset about the monkey bars on the playground being to low this year..=)(he is focused on the most important aspects of school!) Dawson is in 2nd grade and will do great! He is there for the social aspect of school and tends to TALK way too much, good thing he is cute!
I am taking 2 internet courses at TJC. My plans to go to UT Tyler were put on hold because of the times the classes were offered and they didn't really have to specific degree I was wanting. While taking these 2 classes, I will also be researching other schools that offer online degrees. I hope I can find something that will be a better fit for me.

Note for Kathryn and Liz: I am really going to try and keep up with this blog better, so keep checking back.