Mar 29, 2006

This is my FISH!!

Blake is my little fish and a few years ago we had to stay with mom for a few weeks that turned into a few months before we moved to Bryan for a year. Anyways, this is one of my all time favorite pictures of Blake doing what he loves best.

Where did Carter come from?

Many people have asked me who Carter looks like. People say Dawson looks just like me or the Tillers. Blake is split half think he looks like me and half think he looks like Bubba. No one seems to know where Carter came from but I am here to show you right where he came from. DADDY!!!

Is that WATER I hear?

I have discovered that bath time is my boys favorite time. I was running the bath water so I could give Jersey a bath and within just a few minutes all 3 of my boys were in the bathroom BUTT naked ready to jump in the tub. It is so funny because any other time that I asked them to come to take a bath they would run the other way! I guess they just felt dirtier than normal.

Mar 28, 2006

My little "Jersey" girl

Well a few of you know that I finally got to pick out my own dog! One that I wanted! We have two dogs, a cat(which is Bubba's pet)and that is all I will say about that! and Blake just recently purchased 2 gold fish that I also have to feed. So, I thought it was only fair that I get to pick out my own pet. She is beautiful and Yes ofcourse I had to get a girl because lets face it I am way out numbered here.

Greatest Childhood Moment of All time

Let me just start by saying how much I absolutely love my little brother, Jonathan(Now that is)!!! Now lets go back to THEN. The time when I got absolute revenge and got a way with it!!! Well it all began as a typical summer day at the Tiller household. Jonathan and I were in the living room having Nintendo game wars. We were sitting in little fold up chairs I think and I am sure that I started the chair war but I also FINISHED it!!! If I remember correctly every time he would start doing better than me in the game I would just knock his chair over and then it would be my turn and ofcourse he was brave enough to do the same thing to me. I let the fun go on for a while but he just didn't know when to stop and I think our conversation went something like me saying "Jonathan if you do that one more time I am going to hit you!" and he probably said "OOH, I'm scared now, as he knocked my chair over for the last time. He took off running out the front door and around the side of the house when I caught him and by then I was really mad because I had to chase him. I was sitting on top of him about the time my dad came to the scene. Jonathan as screaming like a baby ofcourse and when dad made me get off, Jonathan was tattle taling that Windy hit me. Dad's response still brings a smile to my face. "Well Jonathan that sounds like that is ONE less WHOOPING I have to give you today!!!" AWE!!SWEET VICTORY!!!!

Mar 27, 2006

Does this taste like GRAPE?

When Bubba and I were dating, we were at my mom's house and Bubba decided to make some grape kool-aid. He put in the kool-aid first and then the sugar. Only he didn't measure the sugar this time he just decided since he has made kool-aid once or twice in his life, that he could just eyeball it. Well the sugar came out faster then he might have hoped and using his smarts not to have the kool-aid be to sweet. He just poured some of the sugar mixture back into the sugar container. He said oh it will be fine the kool-aid is on the bottom it didn't come out. Well later that evening mom was getting her evening coffee ready to calm her before bedtime and she proceeded with her usual method, half the mug filled with coffee, half the cup filled with milk, maybe some creamer and a few t-spoons of sugar. She took a few sips and savored the taste but something about her coffee this night just wasn't right. She took a few more sips and came to the conclusion that her coffee tasted a little bit like GRAPE. She was perplexed and couldn't figure out why her coffee would taste like this, I mean she didn't mix her coffee any different way than she normally does. Then she decided to look in the sugar bowl and what do you know there were a few purple specks in there!!! Yes now you all know that my boys get it naturally!!!


Blake is my oldest son. He is in first grade and is great in school. He loves to read and make good grades. He is very concerned about these types of things. He is in the "What If" stage. Lets say he is in trouble for something and he will "what if" the situation to death. Mom what if I would have done this or what about if this happens. Still after all the times I tell him what ifs don't change the punishment he still trys each time. He is also playing baseball this year. We practice everyday at home. He is the hardest worker I have ever seen. His coach told them that they should throw atleast 50 times everyday and you better believe that it gets done. He has improved greatly in just a few weeks. I think he is going to have a great time. This is our kids first time to play competitive sports. It has been better than I thought. Ofcourse we do have the loud mouth child on the team that thinks he is IT! I guess it isn't sports without the ONE!


This is Dawson. He is the youngest of the 3 boys. He got a new bicycle(motorcylce as he calls it) for his birthday and he rides it all day long. He is sweet with a very stubborn side. He is in my class at daycare which wouldn't be my choice but that is just how it worked out. It is hard to discipline him there because all I can do is sit him in timeout or take he to the office if he is really being bad. He has been to the office several times but now he has figured out that going to the office isn't really all that bad so now when I say"Dawson, Do you want me to take you to the office?" He will reply very bravely," Yes I want you too." Needless to say by the time I get home he belongs to Daddy for the rest of the night.
These are my three sons! They were in my brothers wedding in October. Yes all of them, I was thinking they were crazy to want all of them because you just never know about these 3 but they had thier game faces on and did a great job and ofcourse stole the show! My favorite memory from this day was the exact momemt that Carter took the spotlight off of everyone and put it on himself. He was pulling Dawson down the asile in a wagon and Dawson was supposed to be tossing flower petals but he wasn't doing it to Carter's satisfaction so he just stopped what he was doing and got a handfull of flowers and showed him just how to do it!

This is crazy Carter! He is a very funny boy. He is just posing for the camera. He is the typical middle child. Whiny with the I never get to do anything attitude, but the sweetest and most polite child of the bunch. He is wise beyond his years. He is playing baseball this year and we were pleasantly surprised by how well he paid attention at his first practice. I think it will be a much better season than I first thought. I just new that he would be the flower picker!

The Things That Boys Do

Before I post anything current about my boys I would like to give you a little taste as to what my life might be like on a daily basis. This is one of those times that you have to hold back or you might hurt somebody. Well, it all happened about 3 years ago when I was about 8 months pregnant and it was about 8:30 at night and I was home alone with Blake and Carter(ages 4 and almost 2) and I was dozing on the couch thinking about going to put them in bed but they were being so quiet, which should have given me a clue that they were up to something. I was snoozing good when Blake comes in the living room and says "look Mommy my legs can stick together" and before I really open my eyes to check this out the aroma of Mrs. Butterworth's is in the air. I immediatley go from sleeping peacefully to firey mad. I proceed to go to thier bedroom where they were playing so quietly, to find the entire bottle of syrup poured in one huge spot. Yes this is what fills the minds of little boys and it comes to them at such a young age. Needless to say we don't live in that house anymore but when we moved, after steam cleaning that room about 3 times there was still a stiff spot where the syrup was!!!