Dec 19, 2006


Just a Fun Picture!


We had Christmas in Longview on Sunday. First we went to Mom's. We had a really good time visiting! The boys had a great time and they have a new favorite person, Beau!(Bo)?? We can call him Beau Bo for now!!haha
They had a great time playing with him!!! We opened presents and ate and watched the boys playing with their new toys. Dawson got a guitar(gi-bar)! He was serenading us with Christmas songs for hours!(Thank You Uncle Jonathan and Aunt Erin) Blake got 5 or 7 Bionicles and he put everyone of them together in NO time and then it was time for war! Carter got a Power Ranger Training kit so he was kicking it everywhere!
They all had a great time.

Then we went to Dad's and ofcourse right when we walked through the door, the boys went right to the tree and started passsing out presents. There was no need to wait, right? They were old pro's at this by now!
They all had about 1000 presents so their eyes were very big. Dawson said he got to much presents! I told him I would remember that one for later in life!! After the ripping and tearing we ate Dad's famous cheesy chicken spagetti. It was wonderful!! We couldn't have asked for a better day!

Enjoy some pictures!!

Dec 12, 2006

Just Right

On Sunday after church we went searching for the perfect tree.

Yes I know we are a litte late this year but we had some things to finish on the house before the tree would fit.
We went to our favorite tree farm and took a short hayride to the field of trees. Carter wanted the not so safe task of holding the saw. Ofcourse trying to cut down everything in site.
We finally found the one we wanted and all the boys got to try to cut the tree down.
It was fun and when we got home we decorated it.
I let the boys hang every ornament other that a select few collectables and I didn't move a single one that they put up there. My mom should learn a thing or two from me!!! The tree looks gorgeous.

Amanda's Shower

Well this past weekend Caci, Brin, and I gave Amanda a wedding shower. It was at Aunt Joi's house and it turned out great. She got a lot of things that she hadn't gotten any of yet. She was very excited about that. She got her dishes and some towels and some other much needed household items. Over all it was a hit.