Mar 31, 2010

Special Effect for school

I loved this picture of Carter and now I love it even more. I really wanted to use it for another assignment for school but it came down to the last minute and I didn't have a chance to take the picture that I wanted for special effect so this will have to do. I really think it turned out great! I just learned how to do a few things in my photoshop class yesterday to I applied them here. I color balanced the photo by number and then added a spotlight on his face to brighten it up and added catch lights in his eyes and then I added a textural background! I think his face really looks good.

Mar 29, 2010

Me and My girl

I just love my niece and she normally loves me and doesn't want anyone else when I am around but this weekend at Dawson's party she only wanted Gran Gran. =( I think she must have been tired or a little sick or something, at least that was my excuse! I think this is the only time she even let me near her on Saturday but at least she smiled like she still loves me! She didn't want anyone to come around her that she thought might even have the slightest chance of taking her Gran away from her.

Mar 20, 2010

Happy Birthday BABY boy!

Today Dawson turned 7 years old! After the soccer games got rained out, we went shopping for a new bike. Papa John came to visit and went shopping with us and we all ate at Double Dave's for lunch. Despite the rain, he had a great day and came home with a new bike and an ice cream cone from Braum's. Here are a few pictures of my baby boy over the past 7 years!

Light writing

Bubba came out tonight to help me with my night scene assignment for school. I wrote each letter separately with a flashlight while BUbba held the shutter open on the camera and then placed them together using layer masks in Photoshop!

Mar 10, 2010

Dawson's Glasses

I knew that Dawson was working on something in his room this morning because he kept coming out and asking me for glue. After a little while, he came out with his new glasses on! He even made 2 different styles in different colors!