Oct 25, 2007

Tree Climbing Boys

At my house I believe that boys should be boys. So this is what boys think is fun, safe entertainment! They like to climb trees, just to find a weak limb that they can swing and bounce on enough that it breaks out from under them and they fall to the ground along with the limb. Then they get up laughing and proud of themselves for their great accomplishment. And if one of them is not enough to get that stubborn limb down then we will just try it with both at the same time. Miraculously we have never had any broken bones or any other major injuries, YET! But I really do think that if you let kids play and do things and they aren't scared then you are less likely to get hurt. I think that some injuries happen when parents are to over protective and then kids sneak and do it with out supervision. Here are some pictures of my dare devils at work.

Oh and just a funny side note. Carter is wearing the Superman shirt and everyday when he gets home he puts his Spider-man costume on under his clothes. So that way at any moment he can find his secret place to hide and become a Super Hero that saves people. He says that is just want Super heroes do. If you look really close at the picture of both of them hanging together, you can see the black Spider-Man suit wear Carter's pants are falling off! I just think this is so cute and funny and I love the way he uses his imagination and plays.

Oct 22, 2007


Dawson went to his best girlfriends party this past weekend. It was a John Deere Party! They had bicycle races and Macy got a John Deere Gator(hence the party) and then they rode it all over the park! It was a blast and I got some really good pictures of them. The other two girls are twins and they are our other best friends too.. Macy's mom decorates her cakes and I am always very impressed by them so here is a picture for you to see. Yes, Michael, Dawson does have friends that are boys, they just didn't happen to be at the party but we played with one that afternoon! But don't you think he has good taste in girls! Enjoy!

Oct 1, 2007

The Way Carter's Brain Works!

Well I was going through the boys rooms this morning like I do most mornings and get dirty clothes to wash and just check on things and this is what I found in Carter's room this morning...Well he must have been up later than we thought last night working on a way for us not to be able to close his door all the way! Those of you that know Carter know that bedtime is not his favorite time and it takes him twice as long as everyone else to fall asleep....So we are ready for this every night. Normally we are really calm with him and give him some extra time to get settled and we do this by making them go to bed a little early or just being prepared for him getting up and down a few times..But you know our patience wears out after a certain time at night and we end up shutting his door and telling him if we hear it come open again then he needs to have his butt prepared for a spanking! Well last night we didn't have to much trouble...that we knew of anyways....

Here is what he was doing to get himself prepared for us to come close his door just incase it came to that as it usually does!

How smart is this!!

Oh and yes that is a big hole behind his door and most doors in our house because boys don't know how to just open a door they only know how to SLING and the noise of the door crashing through the wall lets them know that "YES" it is open with out a doubt!

3 Dare Devils

This is what my boys like to do. They like to see how high they swing and then jump out at the top of the incline so they can have the maximum time to do tricks before landing.. Blake will climb and jump fromthe top of most anything as long as there is just a slight chance he might break his arms or legs! He likes to live on a little edge! Carter doesn't go quite that far but he likes to land in a roll..It is more fun that way..Landing on his feet wouldn't be as fun or have quite the same effect. Dawson on the other hand is a little more cautious and doesn't really know about jumping from a swing going high so he would rather almost be stopped and then just fall out! He did get a little brave at the end a jumped a little bit but nothing like Blake and Carter! Enjoy the pictures of my little Dare Devils