Oct 22, 2007


Dawson went to his best girlfriends party this past weekend. It was a John Deere Party! They had bicycle races and Macy got a John Deere Gator(hence the party) and then they rode it all over the park! It was a blast and I got some really good pictures of them. The other two girls are twins and they are our other best friends too.. Macy's mom decorates her cakes and I am always very impressed by them so here is a picture for you to see. Yes, Michael, Dawson does have friends that are boys, they just didn't happen to be at the party but we played with one that afternoon! But don't you think he has good taste in girls! Enjoy!


Michael said...

Don't be modest. Your son is a playboy, and he has a great eye for the ladies.

Caci said...

yeah, Dawson....the ladies man. I bet that makes his daddy proud!