Jan 15, 2010

Bows for my Favorite girl in the world!

I have been making bows for Makayla for a few weeks now.  I am going to see her tomorrow and I can't wait until she sees all of her bows!  She really loves them and she loves her Aunt Windy and I love her!  Some of her new bows look like butterflies and lady bugs!

Jan 14, 2010


This week was my official first week back to school.  I am excited to be going back because at the end of this semester I will have an Associates Degree!  Yay ME!  I do plan on going on to a 4 year university but first I have to find which ones offer what I want to take and if those classes are offered online if that college happens to be out of the area.  UT Tyler doesn't offer anything in the Graphics area, I don't believe but I just need to do some checking around.  Although, I do want to obtain a Bachelors degree in the future, I am so super excited about this Associates degree!  Small steps, right?!!  Some people don't need to get a 2 year degree to make themselves feel accomplished, but I DO!  I have waited for so long to go back to school, that I just need something in my hand to prove to myself that I CAN DO IT!  I have a full load this semester, 18 hours.  This is my biggest semester yet, but I will be fine and my goal is to have a 4.0 this semester and that will raise my overall GPA to about 3.25 or so!  That is a big accomplishment and personal goal of mine.   You see, I started college right after high school and at the same time was a newly wed and a few years later had a baby and again and again, SO as you can tell I had way BETTER(or so I thought) things to do with my time and school was NOT one of them.  Now I am kicking myself for that, but oh well, live and learn.  With all that said, I was also not very smart about keeping up with my grades at the time and dropping classes that I should have dropped to save my GPA.  I really didn't understand what a GPA was or how bad grades effected it or how it would effect me in the long run.  NOW I KNOW!  No scholarships...No CUM LAUDE...No anything other than working your BUTT off to redeem yourself!  So that is what I have done and I am very happy to say I am almost there!  

Jan 13, 2010

My THREE boys!

I took to boys outside to play today since we had some nice (not so cold) weather.  They played and rode bikes and made ramps.  I told them I needed a new one of all three of them!  They cooperated pretty well this time!

Jan 7, 2010

Monopoly and Cupcakes

Well, I know it is a little early for Valentine's Day but I saw this cake mix and icing with confetti, and cupcake cups at the dollar store and couldn't leave without them!  I thought the boys would really enjoy them.  I haven't made cupcakes in a while and it is those little things that make them feel special, and for 3.00 it is well worth it to see their smiling faces!  And SMILE, they did when they walked through the front door.  They didn't even have to see them, they SMELLED them!  After eating a cupcake it was time for a board game before homework.
Blake got this game for Christmas.  They got quite a few games this year.  They are finally all old enough to play together and take a little better care of the games.  This one is still a little hard for Dawson with all the money exchange and everything but it is a good learning experience for him and a practice at patience and not QUITTING!  Normally if he is not winning something, he just wants to quit, but in this game people can't just quit without messing up everyone else's game, so if he starts then he has to finish.  Man, who knew Monopoly would teach such valuable life lessons!