Apr 26, 2006


I am just ashamed of myself. I normally wouldn't share a story like this but I think I just need too. I have been at home alone for the past 2 days while Bubba has been in Georgetown working. I know that most of you haven't been to my house but there are several that have. Boy do I feel sorry for the few that have. Our house is 4 bedrooms and 2 baths. Just a typical sized house..RIGHT??? It should be easy enough to keep clean...RIGHT??? NOPE, not for me. I just don't understand how I can have such a lack of respect for myself and my family that I could ever let our house get to the point that it is now. AND IT STAYS LIKE THIS MOST OF THE TIME!!! You could say it is because I work and have 3 boys....SURE that could be it....but I just don't buy that one anymore. I can't stand for our house to be this dirty but it just seems that I have NO CONTROL. I am totally embarassed every time someone comes over. Especially if it is a surprise visit, that includes any visit that I don't know about atleast 24 hours in advance. In 24 hours atleast I can atempt to clean a little and HIDE the rest!!! I know that some people talk about having a laundry problem...It probably pales in comparison to mine..
I promise.. come over here and you will no longer feel yours is that bad... You would probably RUN back to yours with open arms!!! I feel like a have lost the battle. AND if this isn't bad enough we are SLOWLY remodeling our house...VERY even when it is clean it doesn't really look clean. OH I JUST HATE IT!!! I have officially LOST IT!!! In the past 2 days while Bubba has been gone I have thought about cleaning hundreds of times but just haven't done it yet and here it is 2 HOURS before his return home that I am once again just thinking about it and BLOGGING instead.
I really am going to do it.. I started taking out the TRASH..but NOW where do I go....Oh the choices are limitless..I just don't think 2 hours is enough time to get the job done..I really need a MAID but they would just LAUGH in my face or turn a RUN..LOTTERY HERE I COME...Just build a new house, That is my solution!!!!

Apr 25, 2006

MOM, What's for SNACK???

MOM, What's for SNACK???
This is what I hear from the time we get home from school until we go to bed. When will it ever END??? I gave them fruit snacks for a snack when we got home, but NO, that just wasn't good enough for the little monsters....guess what the complaining got them....NOTHING!!!! We had mini corn dogs and french fries for supper and ofcourse after they all clean thier plates...I hear it coming........Yep there it is, the sound of MOM, what can I have for snack??? Well, being the MOM, they are looking to for an answer, I tell them, let me think about it for a minute and I will see what we have....Hoping this answer will hold them over until bedtime and then when they ask me I can just say, OH SORRY, It is too late, it is bedtime. Maybe tomorrow!!! NOPE not working tonight, they all must have a tape worm that conveniently places itself in thier little bodies on the nights that MOM just wants to be lazy and not clean anymore dishes. Well I gave into the pressure because I just can't listen to anymore whine today!!
I remember that I bought some frozen yogurt at the store last night. OOOH, wait I have an idea. I also have strawberries and bananas.
YES!!! I have a snack and it is HEALTHY!!! LOOK AT ME GO!!!! I push a button and in literally seconds we have SMOOTHIES!!!! YEAH, The crowd goes WiLd!!! Now we are happy and ready for bed!!

Apr 24, 2006

Two down and One to go!!!!

We celebrated Blake's Birthday at Kids Depot on Saturday. It was 2 1/2 hours of solid running around for the kids. As for the parents, we all felt like we had just finished a triathalon after the first thirty minutes because it was so hot in there. They obviously forget to mention in your party plan package that you have to get numerous people to go complain before the manager will turn the air on. Turn ON, not down to get it cooler, that SORRY SUCKER didn't even have it turned on. It was absolutely ridiculous!!! So, if that wasn't enough, one of the parents just dropped thier kid off at the party which would have been fine with me if they would have told me. I mean they didn't show back up until the party was officially over. I just thought that was a little over board for a 7 year old. Well actually it bothered Bubba a lot more than it bothered me but it was still a little CRAZY!!! Well the most important thing it that "Another one bites the dust"!!!(OH yeah and the kids had fun too)

Apr 18, 2006

Birthday Party Nightmares!!!

I know that some of our family members love to plan parties! Can you say CRAZY??? haha Well I am not that way at all. Don't get me wrong I love to attend a well thought out party just as long as I am not the planner. Our boys have Birthdays in March, April, and July. The March and April birthdays are both on the 20th of the month so you can imagine how difficult it is to even have time to get invitations out for one before it is time for the next one.

For Dawson's Birthday we went to Discovery Science Place and got the Birthday Party Package were everything was included, even an art project they got to take home.

That was great because all we had to do was show up and give them an ARM or LEG to pay for this luxury!!

Well now it is Blake's turn and he will be 7 so he has his own ideas of where his party should be and who all should be invited(like his whole first grade class at the skating rink)NOT GONNA HAPPEN!!! So I get to researching to find a place that offers something great where I don't have to do much planning. It is amazing all the places you can find to do this for the LOW, LOW price of about 250.00(I already gave one ARM for Dawson's party, I would like to keep that other one) So I finally found Kid's Depot, they have party plans that include everything except the cake and you just pay per child which is great because I can set a limit and Blake can pick out his own cake!!! Whew almost done!! One more in July and the Birthdays will be done for the year!!! Carter is the last one and he is by far the easiest because his is in the summer and his favorite place is Fun Forrest and that is where we had it last year too. It is a Mini Spray ground and the kids love it. That is where we were in some of the pictures I have posted on my other blogs of Caci's kids. Anyways, this is such a great place because you can rent to whole place out for 3-4 hours for the great price of 25.00, but we do have to bring everything but I can handle just one that way. I guess the MIDDLE CHILD has won on this one!!!! VICTORY FOR MIDDLE CHILD!!!

Apr 17, 2006

Back to School

Well I haven't posted in a while because our memory card in our digital camera decided it would stop working so we are waiting on the replacement. I don't really liked posting things without pictures but I have some exciting news to share. I went to talk to a college advisor this afternoon and I am cleared to register for school. I am going into Dental Hygiene but I won't apply for that until the Spring Semester because I have to take Chemistry, Microbiogly, and Anatomy and Physiology 1 &2 before applying to the program. Please be thinking of me as I attempt to make all A's in these science courses to help insure my 1 in 30 chance to get into the program. Yes that is right they only take 30 people per semester so I will need all the help I can get. I haven't been to college in about 6 years and now as I try to go back I will be working part time and still being a mom of three boys. I must be CRAZY!!! I am just so ready to do something for myself so wish me LUCK!!!

Apr 10, 2006

Six Flags Here We Come!!!!

The time is upon us. We have been waiting and wondering how and if we were going to Six Flags this year. It has been 2 years since we have gone and that year Dawson wasn't old enough to do anything. Dawson was lucky enough to get a Season Ticket for his birthday!!! Lucky for him but he might have to go alone because even though Season Passes are a really good price right now at Brookshires for a family of 5 it adds up really fast and we are going to Disney World the first week of June so all of our extra money we are saving for that trip. I guess I have a angel watching over me or something because I talked to my angel on the phone and he asked me if we had already gotten the other tickets and I said no but we planned on trying to get them pretty soon. Well, my angel said they are taken care of, and you will get them in a few days. They were in the mail today. Talk about some excited boys! Carter was ready to go now. He doesn't realize that we wouldn't get there until they closed if we went today. I would just like to Thank my angel and tell him how much I love him!!!!

Apr 7, 2006

Anna Banana

I couldn't go one more day before posting about my favorite little girl in the whole world. I never could seem to get my little girl so Annalisa gets all the spoils from her Windy. Yes, as you can imagine, I, the mother of three boys is drawn to the girl section of every store because I have to see if there is anything that I think Annalisa can't live without! I am very close to all of Caci's kids but Annalisa just has that little something Special. When Caci and Ben make their weekly trip over to our house on Saturday's, the girls sometimes get to go shopping. Sometimes we hit the mall and other times it might just be the Dollar Store or Brookshires. Oh, I almost forgot our 2 favorites, Wal-mart and Target!! Well, it doesn't matter to us girls what store we get to go to or for how long because any little bit of time we get a way from all the boys is time much needed and well spent! If by chance we only get to go to Brookshires, you better believe that we go up and down every isle atleast once because if we don't we might accidentally forget the Cake or Brownies with the chocolate chucks that have been calling our names all week. That would just be a travesty if we miss our one and only opportunity all week to get our SWEET FIX!!! So I guess now that you know all of our secrets to our one night a week shopping experience I can post a picture of my sweet Annalisa.

Apr 4, 2006


This is last July at Carter's Birthday Party at Fun Forrest Spray Grounds. They all had a great time. This is a picture of Jacob looking through the water with his Binoculars!!!

Blake and Carter

This is Blake and Carter in their Batman shirts. I think the color of these shirts make their eyes look really Blue. I don't mean to brag but those are some cute kids!!


We went to Six Flags a few years ago and this is one of my all time favorite pictures of Dawson. I have it blown up I my room. We got them all a Pink Thang on our way out and when we got to the car we were trying to decide whether or not he actually got any in his mouth.

Harry Potter

Caci tells me that she has so much fun reading everyone else's funny postings and stories of their kids and family. She says she just doesn't have any so I guess I am going to have to post some pics of her kids at some of my favorite moments.
This is Cole on his 6th Birthday I believe. He loves Harry Potter, Can you tell?

Apr 3, 2006

Jonathan and Erin

This is one of my favorite pictures of Jonathan and Erin. Erin is a wonderful wife for Jonathan. She really brings out the best in him. You wouldn't believe how much he has grown and changed since they have been together. I just love Erin and I am so glad that she is a part of our family. She just loves my boys and is really good to them. She will be a great mother someday! Jonathan is a great uncle, too. He just spoils the boys! I think he likes shopping for their Birthday toys almost as much as they like getting them!!

Squeeky Clean

The boys got their weekly bath tonight so I had to take a picture of them while they are still clean! =) Just Kidding but I do think they looked really cute all in their undies sitting in that chair. Anyways, just short and sweet this time just to show a pic of the kids.

Apr 2, 2006

Middle Child Syndrome

Caci and I both have middle children that just don't seem to get their way as often as they think they should. I would just like to show you the very simular way they express their disgust.

And Then There Were SIX...

We had our favorite company over for a little while today. We had a good supper and the kids played outside on our old but newly setup swing set. We had a good time watching the kids play! This is a picture that I took of all the kids(with must assistance by Caci to get them all situated). The kids are all very close in age and get along very well!

Apr 1, 2006

My Hand is Stuck

Everyday after we pick Blake up from school we come home and get a snack and go to the park of play in the yard for a little while. The other day we did our same routine. We came home and the boys all decided they wanted cheese crackers for a snack. So being the mom that I am and not wanting to dirty any bowls, I just gave them the box and told them to share. I try to make sure they all take turns grabbing a handfull. This worked quite well for a while until my youngest most stubborn child decides he will just fix this where his brothers can't have anymore. OFcourse, Blake and Carter let me know this immediatley. Mom, Dawson's not sharing, is yelled through they house until I come in there. I think all kids think their legs are broken and instead of coming the get me they just YELL!!! So I come in there and tell Dawson the let his brothers have some and he looks at me with the most serious face and says, "I can't, my hand is stuck." So, I ran to get my camera so I can show you all how smart my 3 year old son is!!

The Crack of Dawn

I was hoping and praying that I would get to sleep just once past the crack of dawn. I mean I did my all time best to wear their butts out. Blake had baseball practice last night for about 2 1/2 hours and Dawson and Carter ran the whole time with some other boys there. I mean they never stopped except to get an occasional drink and I was quick to tell them to go play because we would be going home soon! After practice we went to eat supper and they didn't get to bed until about 9:00 which is really late for them. I was thinking to myself as I decided I would go to bed that I would get to sleep until atleast 7:30 or 8:00 which would be great. I know all of you moms know just what I am talking about. Those extra few hours make a huge difference. So when my kids were up at 6am saying they were hungry, you can imagine my surprise and disappointment. So I get up and turn on cartoons and go back to bed thinking maybe I could sleep just a few more minutes. About the time I was dozing off I hear a sudden blare of Mickey Mouse House of Mouse. Someone decided the low volume I had it set to wasn't satisfactory. So up I got out of bed again to lay down the law. When I go into the living room they aren't even watching the TV they are jumping on every pillow off the couch because "Mom we don't want to step in the HOT LAVA!!!" So now I am up for good and I decided to do some blogging!!