Apr 10, 2006

Six Flags Here We Come!!!!

The time is upon us. We have been waiting and wondering how and if we were going to Six Flags this year. It has been 2 years since we have gone and that year Dawson wasn't old enough to do anything. Dawson was lucky enough to get a Season Ticket for his birthday!!! Lucky for him but he might have to go alone because even though Season Passes are a really good price right now at Brookshires for a family of 5 it adds up really fast and we are going to Disney World the first week of June so all of our extra money we are saving for that trip. I guess I have a angel watching over me or something because I talked to my angel on the phone and he asked me if we had already gotten the other tickets and I said no but we planned on trying to get them pretty soon. Well, my angel said they are taken care of, and you will get them in a few days. They were in the mail today. Talk about some excited boys! Carter was ready to go now. He doesn't realize that we wouldn't get there until they closed if we went today. I would just like to Thank my angel and tell him how much I love him!!!!

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Caci said...

Man, I need an angel too! I am so glad you got the passes....we have passes too! Think Six Flags can handle all our kids at once???? (I know what you mean about it adding was $250 for our family..that's alot).