Apr 17, 2006

Back to School

Well I haven't posted in a while because our memory card in our digital camera decided it would stop working so we are waiting on the replacement. I don't really liked posting things without pictures but I have some exciting news to share. I went to talk to a college advisor this afternoon and I am cleared to register for school. I am going into Dental Hygiene but I won't apply for that until the Spring Semester because I have to take Chemistry, Microbiogly, and Anatomy and Physiology 1 &2 before applying to the program. Please be thinking of me as I attempt to make all A's in these science courses to help insure my 1 in 30 chance to get into the program. Yes that is right they only take 30 people per semester so I will need all the help I can get. I haven't been to college in about 6 years and now as I try to go back I will be working part time and still being a mom of three boys. I must be CRAZY!!! I am just so ready to do something for myself so wish me LUCK!!!


Melissa said...

That is so exciting! I know it will be hard, but it can be done. Emily was 3 months old when I graduated. I know you can do it! Go get em' tiger!

Caci said...

Windy, you have my support and I know you can do it! Just remember, if you need help drawing people in A&P, Carter can help! He is a great little artist!

Michael said...

Congratulations to you. I know you'll do great!

Patti said...

Yes, I agree with Caci...Carter is a great little artist. I just don't know how your going to get his artwork off your walls and into your classroom!!!
Thanks to you all for the words of support to Windy on her decision to return to college...It will be difficult at times, but well worth the struggles. I do wish you well, Windy, and know that you will be successful at anything you put your mind to .... you ARE my daughter!!!