Sep 28, 2007


The boys are all super excited about going to their first football game of the season tonight so ofcourse I had to that their picture in their shirts. Dawson has gotten to go to two pep-rallies at the highschool since I have a friend that works there. He loves to go! These pictures are taken in Dawson's room and they are all playing in a new tent that Dawson and I found today at a garage sale! That is what we do on Friday's! It is our special time together and we love it. We haven't been one week without finding something that we can't live without! We have found some really good deals on some great toys and that is good since I made them clean out their rooms about 2 months ago and they didn't have much left to play with so we are restocking with more age appropriate toys in a fun and inexpensive way!

Sep 26, 2007

All kids Beware the BOOGIE MAN is here!

Just thought I would share come pictures of Caci in her finest hour!