Nov 25, 2008

Nov 15, 2008

Nov 13, 2008

Maddie's Christmas Photo shot

Here are a few of my favorites from today!

Nov 9, 2008

Tweezers and Makeup? You decide....

Well I have just been posting pictures lately and Carter felt like he needed to give me reason to post a good story! For those of you that might need a refresher course in all things Carter, let me start by saying this, he is the epitome of the typical middle child, then add some wonderful bells and whistles, with a heart made of gold and a curiosity of all things living or not, then you have my precious Carter! I often wonder what goes through that sweet head of his when he is coming up with his next, "Boggle Mom" scenario.

I few nights ago we had one of those "Nobody wants to stay in bed" kind of nights. Bubba and I had a movie prepped and ready to go and we were patiently, or not, waiting for the kids to fall asleep before starting. This is really a very rare occurrence at our house, the boys normally fall asleep pretty quickly and don't get up much, but they make up for it when they decide, they are hungry, thirsty to the point of death, and just plain ol' not tired yet. We were up and down a few times with the paddle in hand and thought we had them all convinced it would behoove them to get tired really quickly!

Carter is smart.....He waits patiently and quietly until we have started the movie, sure that we can't hear his little mouse feet, and then he begins his "Master Plan", that he probably doesn't even know the details of until that one special thing catches those big, beautiful, curious blue eyes of his. This night that "special thing" just so happened to be my make-up, ALL OF IT!

You see, I sold Mary Kay for a short time and so did my cousin many years back. She had a few big organizing things that she gave me when I started. So instead of narrowing down my make-up collection to just the few colors that I actually use, I leave them all in one of these organizing things. I guess I just like to have the option of wearing hot pink eye shadow and maroon blush, just in case I wake up with wild hair someday!

Thanks to Carter that will never have the chance to happen, because he sneaked back to my room during the movie and broke every color of make-up into dust with the TWEEZERS!

Here is a picture of his masterpiece: Do Tweezers and Makeup go together? You decide......

Nov 7, 2008

Baby Boy

I wanted to test out my black drop cloth material, so I called Dawson over. He just got a fresh
haircut and he just looked so cute! This is my baby boy!

Nov 2, 2008

Boys on White Backdrop

I just wanted to use this white backdrop, so I called the boys over while they were playing outside and got a few cute playful pictures.