Jul 16, 2006

Jersey all grown up

Well, my little Jersey Girl, is now big. She is about 5 months old now and is still very pretty but she is just a little to much for us to handle. She is a great dog but she needs to live outside. Unfortunately, our fence is not finished and she can't stay outside at our house. We have tried to make her an inside dog but she just isn't. She doesn't really tear anything up but she just has to much energy for us to spend enough time with her since we are both gone all day at work. We are going to try to find a new home for her soon and I would like to offer her to anyone in our family that wants her first because I know that she would be taken care of. So if you are interested or know someone who might be let me know. Here are some recent pictures.

Jul 3, 2006

The Cake

Well here is the picture of the cake after the crevace had done its misfortune. This is actually a good picture, I think someone must have pushed it back together a little for this picture because the devestation was much greater than it appears in this picture.

Jul 2, 2006

Carter's 5th Birthday Party

Carter's 5th Birthday Party has come and gone. We celebrated on Saturday, July 1 at Fun Forest! There were lots of kids there and we all had lots of fun. They ran and ate and ran and played in the water for 2 hours. We had a Superman cake that I very carefully decorated freehand and it was awesome. Then on the ride there it started getting a very big crevace right down the center of the cake and it just kept on getting wider and wider. My perfect work of art was ruined.
By the time we actually got to the cake part it looked like we let a 2 year old have his way cutting his own cake. Yes it was pretty bad looking by that time. Oh well I guess it tasted pretty good though because the kids devoured it and there was only a small piece left.
That is always a plus for me not to have to take cake home. I guess the hard work wasn't for nothing after all. Carter got all kinds of cool Superman items from Backpacks to a blowup muscle shirt(which is his favorite)and a fishing pole that he just had to have. I would say it was a HIT!! Here are a few pictures, enjoy!