Feb 21, 2007

Please Help

Well, I figured if everyone is so willing to help Peyton with her homework then it would only be fair if you helped me with mine too. Well I have this project due in about a month for my government class. I have to find 10 political cartoons that are recent(No later than January) And I have to know what that mean and what the symbolism is and junk like that. If you find anything that you understand and can explain to me fairly easily then please email them to me at

They can come from anywhere.

Thanks in advance for your help

Feb 2, 2007

Derby Race Winner

Blake had his first Pinewood Derby Race tonight at Boy scouts and he won first place in all 8 races. Then they raced all the first place winners from each age ground and he won 1st place in the best of 4 races. Blake's car is the back one in the middle row. It has magnetic balls going down the middle. He was very excited and now he will get to go on and compete in the regional race in Tyler next month. Here are a few pictures of our night.