May 28, 2006

Crazy Clippers

Well, we decided we would give the boys haircuts today at home for the first time. I was just going to buzz Blake since he wears his hair short anyways. I didn't really realize how short it was going to be, but after a few hours I am used to it now and I really like it. Ofcourse, when Carter saw Blake's hair he wanted his cut just like it which surprised me a little bit because he likes to comb his hair like Superman. I refused to do Carter's so Bubba did his. Then Dawson climbed up on the bathroom counter when Carter was done and said now it is my turn. So they all got buzzed. They look cute and it is a good Summer look.


Caci said...

You know I totally agree with the summer "buzz" for boys! Mine are already buzzed!!! Annalisa wasn't down with that though, and we agreed to keep her hair long!! hahahaa

Patti said...

You know I am all with the summertime haircuts. I just love the way a "crazy clipper" burr makes little suntanned faces look. I want you to know that I put this picture on my desktop so I can see it all day everyday!!!