May 21, 2006

The love of Baseball

Dawson is 3 years old and he LOVES baseball. I wish he could have played this year. Blake and Carter like to play but I think both of them would be ok if they didn't have anymore games!
Dawson on the other hand would be heart broken if they didn't have anymore games. It is his absolute favorite thing in the world. He loves to go to the baseball field and watch the games. Everyday when we get home from school he runs to his room and puts on his baseball pants and baseball shoes. We don't have any extra baseball jersey's but he has several football jerseys and he wears them. He doesn't know the difference!!
He practices at home everyday until bedtime unless we are at the baseball field watching a game. He can hit and throw almost as good as his brothers! He will hit the ball however many times you throw it to him and he will chase his own balls. He doesn't care as long as he gets to play. When I am tired of pitching to him he will just go and hit of the Tee. He never gets tired of hitting or chasing all of his balls. He is for sure the athelete of the bunch. Dawson has a friend named Kyle that he plays with at every game.

They are the same age and they just love eachother!!
I can't wait until next year when Dawson can play!! As for the other two I don't know what they will decide to do.
I am sure once they see Dawson outdoing them they will step up their game. As for now, Carter's favorite position is sitting on the bench and just being BATTER!!
He really does like it, last game he sat out the first few innings and when his coach told him the news, Carter said "YES, I get to sit on the bench and be Batter!!" I have never seen a kid be so happy to sit the bench!!!


Caci said...

This is soo cute! I love the pics of Dawson, and yes he is definitely gonna be a baseball player. He is very good already! He reminds me alot of how Cole was at such a young age. I remember that Cole wouldn't wear ANY shirts unless they were baseball. We would tell him that shirts with stripes WERE baseball shirts! Kids are so funny! I love Carter's attitude about being benched! What a cute thing to say!

Patti said...

Dawson is probably the smartest of the bunch. He is also a little ham. I'm glad he already likes baseball and since he has had many opportunities to watch, he will be great. I quit buying baseball clothes for the boys because I thought they didn't care too much for them anymore. I'll have to start looking again for some cool bball stuff for Dawson.

Carter is pretty smart. Why go play in the field if you can sit on the bench and only do the most fun thing....bat????

Patti said...

You are doing a great job changing your page. I am enjoying watching the transformation. I will post again soon. Doesn't seem like much exciting happens in my life after reading about everyone's kids. I'll come up with something soon, I hope.