May 10, 2006

The Rowdy Boy

This is Blake's 3rd game. His team is the Rowdy Boys, which fits them perfectly! They lost thier first game and have won the past 2 games. His team has improved by leaps and bounds. I was really wondering how the season was going to go after the first game but since then they have really done a great job. Blake plays in the outfield, not always the same position. He is just now getting the hang of things, but this is his first time. He has got the skills part down pretty good, he is just now really understanding the game. He really likes to play and he has had a really good time so far. I think his favorite part is when the game is over and he gets a SNACK. Hey, what can I say the boy is always hungry and every event is better with food, right?


Patti said...

I love your page. This is your very best. I would not have thought so creatively. You put the backgrounds together very well. I am impressed that you did that in a day and it has taken me weeks to get mine together. I think yours looks better than anything I have put together so far. I love the pictures of the boys. Only one has loaded for Blake and one for Carter so maybe I will be able to see them tomorrow. You are awesome....I have no idea where you get that from????

Michael said...

I really like this page, too. And I have to say that my older girls are still focusing on the snacks, too. The other night we had to cut Reagan's game short and the biggest disappointment for the team was that there were no snacks there yet.

Caci said...

I am sure Blake is doing a great job of playing baseball....and it is lots of fun for you too!