May 10, 2006

Carter Baseball

This is Carter at his 2nd baseball game. We finally got a new memory chip for our camera. He looks just like a little baseball player. They did great in thier game. You can really see improvement with every game. He plays t-ball so most times both teams bat until thye score 7 runs and then they switch. He got to hit 4 or 5 times and got on base everytime and scored a run!! This was very exciting because it was his first time to cross home plate because the other times he got up to bat he knocked in the 7th run and then they had to go back out on the field. He is on the Red Raiders. He is just loving baseball. I really think he likes his uniform more than anything because he can dress-up like a baseball player!!! He loves to dress-up! I just thought I would share some pictures with you of Carter's baseball experience!!


Caci said...

I love these pics and I hope we get to come see a game this season!

patti said...

Carter is the little baseball star. You are right. He looks awesome in his uniform.
Not to be ugly, but my eyes are not as good as they used to be and I can't read the comments. All I can see is baseballs...hehehehe!!!

Wonderful Windy said...

You are lucky I figured out by chance to get the text black it was light gray and you couldn't see it at all but I can't figured out where to go to get to text bigger