Jun 14, 2011


Monday was Carter's first day of Basketball camp and I totally forget that he didn't have any decent shoes to wear. We had an old pair that Blake wore last year and then left them outside forever, so they were really crappy but he wore them because it was to close to basketball starting to go get new ones. I promised him that we would go that afternoon and find him some new shoes.
Who knew that a boys size 6 and 6.5 were so hard to find. OMG, since that size is right in between boys and mens, either a lot of kids need that size or the shoe companies don't make near enough. We went to 4 different stores, including academy and the shoe carnival, then on one last ditch effort before going home, we stopped at Kohl's just to see what they had. They happened to have 1 pair of Nike's in that size and those are the ones we got! They look good and Carter was so happy to have them!

Blake bought a new hat with his chore allowance from last week because he needed one for tennis. He looks so cute in a hat! My baby boy is looking so grown up :( ::sigh::
They have been having a great summer so far.


Crazy Family said...

Holy cow your kids are getting big! In my mind's eye they are still toddlers;)

Liz said...

So....are you still having a good SUMMER?

Liz said...

Are you going to use this blog anymore? Or should I delete it?