Apr 8, 2007

SNOW in April

It started snowing yesterday at about 10:00. It snowed for a long time. Several hours. The boys were so excited to see snow. Blake and Carter have played in the snow once before but were probably to young to remember. Dawson has never seen snow and he was so excited. At one point it was really coming down and they said that is looked like a snow globe outside! It has been a while since my last posted but I will try to do better. Dawson is playing soccer and t-ball. Carter is playing t-ball and Blake is playing baseball. I will posted some pictures of them when we get their uniforms.


Patti said...

I love the pictures of the boys in the snow with their short sleeve shirts on. My favorite is the one with Carter trying to catch a few flakes on his tongue. The only time I remember it snowing in April was when I was in high school about 30 years ago....see....I knew I would always remember that...and I did!!! I can't wait to see pics of the boys in all their sports attire. I want to see some cool action shots, too. Send me their schedules when you get a chance.

Caci said...

so, since you were going to "posted" some pics, I think you should have already done that! I heard Bubba was sick....why haven't you called me????? I miss you...thanks for posting!